Hope Church Special Offering 2020 – RAMP

For the 2020 Hope Church Special Offering we raised an incredible £24,000!! Which, considering we were in the midst of a global pandemic at the time, is even more incredible!

Because of the amazing generosity of Hope Church, we’ve been able to support the Newham Community Renewal Programme and their Refugee and Migrant Project Foodbank, here is an update from them and what they’ve been up to over the last year.

Thanks to the generous donation from Hope Church Newham, the Renewal Programme has continued to support migrants and refugees and those affected by the pandemic from all across Newham. We have increased our foodbank delivery service to twice a week and supply fresh food, dried foods and essential items such as clothes, nappies, toiletries etc. We’re also providing wraparound services, including digital inclusion, healthy eating, nutrition and housing and immigration advice.

We have seen an increase in demand for our services but thanks to your generosity we have been able to continue providing support, for example from January to March 2021 we were able to support a total of 1,030 individuals, which includes 382 families.

Your donation has had a life-changing impact on our service users and their families and supported and empowered them to lead a more fulfilling life.

This year’s Hope Church Special Offering will be happening on Sunday 3rd and 10th October, if you’d like to give to Hope Church you can find the details here www.hopechurch-newham.com/give/.