Hope Church Special Offering 2020 – Zimbabwe

For the 2020 Hope Church Special Offering we raised an incredible £24,000!! Which, considering we were in the midst of a global pandemic at the time, is even more incredible!

Because of the amazing generosity of Hope Church, we’ve been able to support, ‘Inspire Women, Men and Children’ in Zimbabwe, here is an update from them and what they’ve been up to over the last year.

The generous donation from Hope Church Newham was used through ‘Inspire Women, Men and Children’ to purchase livestock for the women of the Umguza District, Zimbabwe, to enable them to start income-generating projects. A total of 163 animals were given to them, including goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks and piglets and training is also being provided on how to farm these animals and how they can generate income.

The donation has also been used to drill a borehole for the Pelandaba community in Baulawao, Zimbabwe, so that they can access clean and safe water near their homes. As previously they had to walk long distances and carry 25 litre buckets on their heads and were at risk of sexual harassment and attacks due to the distance they had to walk.

The community members from both Umguza and Pelandaba extend their heartfelt gratitude to Hope Church, as these projects will help them a lot in their development.

This year’s Hope Church Special Offering will be happening on Sunday 3rd and 10th October, if you’d like to give to Hope Church you can find the details here www.hopechurch-newham.com/give/.