Hope Values

As a church we would describe ourselves as both evangelical and charismatic or in other words a church which is both Word & Spirit:

The Word of God

We love the Bible and submit to it as God’s authoritative and inerrant word. In other words, we don’t judge it, it judges us. We believe that the Bible’s relevance crosses all cultures and all generations, and if handled properly, can speak effectively into every situation, and every difficulty that life throws up – see 2 Timothy 3:16.  We believe that God has chosen the ‘foolishness’ of preaching to save those who believe. Because of this we give time and energy to Spirit-empowered preaching. We aim to preach the Gospel full of grace, full of boldness, full of the Holy Spirit, and without apology. This means we are an evangelical church.

The Holy Spirit

Also, we actively encourage and pursue all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We always want to be strong in Bible truth and free to weigh the contributions that people bring, but love to be built up by the gifts of the Holy Spirit and spend time in God’s presence. This means we are a charismatic church.

Being a charismatic church means that the Holy Spirit is the worship leader when we gather. He leads by prompting different members of the church to contribute with songs, prayers, thanksgivings, prophecies, messages in unlearnt languages with interpretation etc. We do have musicians to help us in our praise, but the eyes of the congregation are encouraged to be towards heaven rather than towards the front. This makes for spontaneous, unpredictable and dynamic times together.