Hope Vision

"We are called to Love God and love others by sharing the good news of Jesus and growing a community of devoted disciples."

Our vision is to be “A large diverse church bringing the hope of Jesus to Newham & beyond”. This vision is rooted in the scriptures, prophecies we have had from God, and the needs of the area we live in.


We believe God has called us to be a large church in the years to come that makes a big impact for Jesus in Newham. We aim to value, welcome, care and love every individual as part of the church community and in time make a big difference in the lives of the people and communities around us.


God has called us to be a diverse church that reflects heaven. We love the vision in Revelation chapter 7 (Revelation 7:1-17) where people from every tribe and tongue are gathered around the throne – a Church of different ages, nationalities, class and backgrounds together loving Jesus and one another (Galatians 3:28)


The Church is God’s glorious bride, often knocked and much maligned, we are passionate about the Church that Jesus died for on the cross (Ephesians 5:25). The Church is the place where the kingdom of God is built and established. As a church we want to make God’s glory known to the ends of the earth, not just with a few individuals but together reaching out as a missional church.

Hope of Jesus

The gospel of Jesus is the hope of the world that is able to transform people, communities and nations. We aim to fearlessly and boldly preach Jesus in our individual lives and corporately as a church on Sunday and at other times. In the City of London with many messages and much diversity, it’s vital the gospel of Jesus is preached loud and clear without compromise.

Newham and beyond

God has called us to be a church that is far reaching into the borough of Newham and beyond to different parts of East London. God has not put a specific estate or area on our heart, rather that there are multitudes who need to hear the gospel across Newham and beyond into Waltham Forest and other neighbouring areas.