Hope Church Special Offering 2020 – Colombia

For the 2020 Hope Church Special Offering we raised an incredible £24,000!! Which, considering we were in the midst of a global pandemic at the time, is even more incredible!

Because of the amazing generosity of Hope Church, we’ve been able to support the Fundacion Remanente project in Colombia, here is an update from them and what they’ve been up to over the last year.

Due to the current global crisis the children from Fundacion Remanente have been forced to spend more time on the streets than usual and have been adopting behaviours that put their lives at risk, such as taking drugs and getting involved with gangs and criminal activities. So in February 2021 we decided to re-open our building to provide a space for the children.

Because of the kind donation from Hope Church Newham we have been able to:

  • Buy musical instruments for our School of Music project and material required for our Discipleship Programme
  • Hire professional staff for our Art Workshops and Entrepreneurship Workshops
  • Provide the children with healthy meals
  • Cover the building’s bills and rent

Thanks to God and your generosity we are able to keep working and helping the children from Fundacion Remanente!

This year’s Hope Church Special Offering will be happening on Sunday 3rd and 10th October, if you’d like to give to Hope Church you can find the details here www.hopechurch-newham.com/give/