It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming…..

The colder the long dark winter nights have been the more you appreciate the warm summer sun. The longer it is since you’ve seen a loved one the more exciting that first glimpse and special that hug when you see them. It is the contrast between Good Friday and Easter Sunday that is truly stunning! It is only in understanding the darkness and despair of Good Friday that we can fully understand the light, life and hope of Easter Sunday!

The Son of God nailed to a cross, naked and beaten with no dignity before man – ‘my God, my God why have you forsaken me’ and darkness covered the whole earth. Then HOPE IS HERE on Easter Sunday morning! An empty tomb and risen spotless saviour! Grieving turns to joy, death to life, darkness to light and the irreversible reversed!

What difference does the resurrection make to us?

1. Resurrection reverses the irreversible

Death is the great irreversible. It is the one certainty in life that we all face. But Easter tells us that there is hope beyond the grave! There is an empty tomb and new life in Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday morning Jesus reversed the irreversible! Death was defeated once and for all!

2. Resurrection changes people

After the resurrection of Jesus the unreliable, scared and timid disciples were transformed into bold and fearless followers. What made the difference? The power of the Holy Spirit AND the certainty of the resurrection – the factual reality that it happened! They witnessed it themselves and touched his nail pierced hands. It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ that changes people.

3. Resurrection means you need not be afraid

Most people are afraid of either the past or future. Because of Good Friday you can look back and not be afraid – sin and shame has been dealt with once and for all. Because of Easter Sunday you can look ahead to the future and not be afraid – the grave holds no fear and there is eternal life for all who believe in Jesus Christ!

There is a sense that we live in this world on Saturday between the darkness and evil of Friday and the life and light of Easter Sunday. We live in a ‘grey place’ – human history is between the ‘promise’ of Good Friday and the fulfilment of Easter Sunday. The world is waiting for the day when Jesus will return but until then there is no fear ‘It may feel like Friday but Sunday’s coming….’

Easter Sunday 21st April

Join us as we celebrate Easter at Hope Church

11am at Stratford Circus

There will be children’s work & Easter refreshments

Do come along – and bring a friend!