September / October Update

As we enter a new season, let’s be reminded afresh that God’s grace sets us in ‘wide open spaces’. As Christians we are not hemmed in or closed in by sin but wide open and free! Enjoy the abundance and freedom of God’s grace.

Prayer is a vital part of the life of the Church. As former Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple said ‘When I pray coincidences happen, when I don’t they don’t’. We really want to grow as a praying church and see God do more and more. In addition to our regular early morning prayer meeting 7am-8am on Friday mornings at Salvation Army, Paul Street, Stratford we are going to change the structure and focus of the monthly church prayer meetings.

ENCOUNTER – Wednesday 2nd September 7:30pm at Salvation Army, Paul Street.

This will be an evening of worship and encountering God. We will spend time worshipping, enjoying God’s presence and listening to what God is saying both to us individually and corporately as a church.

ENGAGE – Wednesday 7th October 7:30pm at Salvation Army, Paul Street.

This will be an evening of prayer for our city, nation and the world. We will focus on specific areas of prayer, interceding for those in positions of authority, Christians in other parts of the world and asking God to send revival and breakthrough for the gospel.

It was wonderful to baptise 4 people in July and celebrate the wonderful transformation of the gospel in different people’s lives! There is nothing more exciting and encouraging than seeing the gospel at work. We are planning another Baptism service on Sunday 1st November. If you would like to be baptised, do speak to me. We would love to baptise as many people as possible in a couple of months’ time.

There was so much that happened over the summer months. Love Stratford was a fantastic success blessing the locality of Stratford with a great family fun day put on by all the churches in Stratford. A group from Hope Church went to Newday and had a fantastic time camping and meeting with God in powerful ways!

Sunday 20th September is Hope Church Vison Sunday. It is good each year to remind ourselves what God has spoken over Hope Church and look ahead to all God has planned for us in the coming months. Vision inspires and helps to set the course for the coming year – don’t miss this Sunday!

I thank God for each of you – the way you serve and bring so much to the church.

You are all wonderful gifts from God.

Love and prayers,