We are excited as a Church to begin our latest Community Group series looking at the Practice of Fasting!

Fasting is one of the most essential and powerful of all the practices of Jesus and, arguably, the single most neglected one in the modern, Western church. The Fasting Practice will train us in this ancient discipline, integrating our whole body into life with God.

As part of the “Practising the Way” series, this practical course challenges us to not just learn and understand the benefits of fasting, but to live it out just as Jesus did! Every participant in the course will receive printed material to help follow along, and our prayer is that this will be a chance for us to not only God grow personally in spiritual maturity, but also to deepen community as we share together what it means to follow the way of Jesus.

Please sign-up below by Sunday 18 February, and if you are not already part of a group please indicate your preference for an in-person or online group and we will be in touch.

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Please sign-up below by Sunday 18 February.
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