What’s Your Starting Point – (Part 6)

This week Mark Waterfield continued our series through Ephesians

I am Afflicted

As Christians we should expect suffering.

  • Jesus was afflicted
  • Jesus suffered
  • Jesus died

There are different types of afflictions

  • Adamic Afflictions – we suffer due to the sin of Adam
  • Consequential Afflictions – we suffer because of foolish decisions
  • Demonic Afflictions – we suffer because of Satan’s work in the world
  • Victim Afflictions – we suffer because we have been sinned against
  • Collective Afflictions – we suffer because of groups we are part of (nationality/family etc)
  • Disciplinary Afflictions – we suffer because God allow this to happen
  • Vicarious Afflictions – we suffer because the ungodly oppose us

Why are we Afflicted?

  • Afflicted for God’s Glory 
  • Afflicted for Your Growth
  • Afflicted for Credibility

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