Unrivalled (God is Sovereign) – (p8)

Acts 4:24 and 27-28

The bible shows that God is sovereign and rules over creation.

Where does God’s right to rule come from? It’s because He created us.

We can struggle with the concept of God ruling due to bad examples in human history. But God is benevolent, good and caring. Nothing God commands is harmful. God uses His authority for good.

How much does God control?

  • Bible tells us that God controls all things, He is sovereign.
  • Job 42:2.
  • There are no limits to what God controls.

How does this work in practice? How can God be in control but we still make decisions about our lives?

  • The bible teaches that there are 2 parallel truths at work simultaneously, John 6:44:
  1. Divine sovereignty
  2. Human responsibility
  • Both these truths live side by side.
  • ‘Antinomy’ a situation in which 2 statements or beliefs that are both equally logical or reasonable seem to contradict.
  • Examples in the bible:
  1. God is sovereign – Matthew 10:29 and Ephesians 1:11
  2. Human responsibility – Romans 2:6, 12 and Revelations 20:12-13
  • Luke 22:22

Practical applications:

  1. The myth of our own control:

  • The world keeps telling us that we are in control, we then try to control different areas in our life; bodies, possessions, relationships, circumstances.
  1. Focus on what we do have control over – your thoughts:

  • You can take your thoughts captive, 2 Corinthians 10:5.
  • Submit every thought, word and deed to God.
  • Trust that He is sovereign God, even when things are uncertain.
  • Live in the mystery.

How long will you wrestle with your maker for control?

Psalm 115:3

There’s great comfort in knowing that God is sovereign.

Trust and humbly submit.