Unrivalled – (God is Omniscient) – (p7)

Unrivalled – God is omniscient – God is all-knowing

Learning is fundamental to the human experience – but learning is completely alien to God. His knowledge is perfect.

Job 28:24 – God sees the big things and the small things of the universe.

Psalm 139:16 – God sees all of history, past, present and future.

Psalm 139:1-6 and 23-24

  1. God knows every detail of our lives v1-4
    • God knows us as individuals, he’s a personal God, he knows the details because he cares.
    • Job 31:4
    • We believe in a personal, intimate God who knows the path laid out before us.

What about us?

    • We can never know what God knows.
    • Psalm 146:4-5
    • Isaiah 55:8-9
    • Romans 11:33-34
    • We are often want to have knowledge of what comes next because we want control and our ‘quick fix’ culture means we want to believe there’s a secret way to gain this – there isn’t!

What’s the challenge?

    • Focus less on knowing and more on following the one who does know.
    • God knows the way ahead and we all already have a purpose to follow Christ, we don’t have to obsess over what our purpose is.
    • So much of our worry, stress and anxiety comes from information overload. The key to contentment is not in having perfect knowledge of what comes next, it’s in becoming more willing to follow and rest in Jesus.
    • If you need help to rest in Jesus pray Psalm 131.
  1. God knows our hearts v1 and v23
    • God doesn’t just see the physical realm, he can see right through to our core.
    • 1 kings 8:39
    • 1 Chronicles 28:9
    • 1 Samuel 16:7

What about us?

    • The human heart is the problem v23-24.
    • When we remember God sees our heart it reminds us the problem goes deep.
    • We can’t hid our thoughts from God –  this should convict us.
    • Job 17:9-10
    • Our heart is the problem and we can’t fix it, Jesus came to fix it
    • Mark 7:21-23

What’s the challenge?

    • Let Jesus work on your heart, v24.
    • The gospel deals with the problems of the heart once and for all (salvation) but also there is the ongoing process of our heart becoming more like Jesus (sanctification)
    • We need something that can reach our heart. Feed ourselves with the word of God, the Bible the right kind of knowledge because it cuts to the heart
    • Hebrews 4:12
    • Don’t pick and choose the nice easy verses, let it pierce (convict) you.