Unrivalled (God is Omnipresent) – (p5)

1. Objective points about God’s Omnipresence

  • 1 Kings 8:27
  • Psalm 139:7-10
  • Isaiah 66:1
  • Jeremiah 23:23-24
  • Acts 17:27-29
  • Heb 4:13

2. Trying to understand His Omnipresence


  • God’s existence can’t be determined by what exists.
  • What exists are road markers to the personality and nature of God, not his being.
  • He constantly smashes the things he has created, whenever we try to put (analogies, references) up against his being.
  • Trying to explain how God is everywhere is difficult
  • Ultimately he is transcendent; beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience.

Oxygen/Breath of God

  • The best likeness I could find to help us understand God’s omnipresence is Oxygen.
  • There is oxygen in the highest points of the earth far above the aeroplanes near the firmament
  • There is oxygen in the deepest parts of the Mariana trench the deepest point of the known ocean
  • Oxygen flows through your mind and heart, and organs through oxidised blood.
  • In invertebrates, O2 diffuses through membranes in the lungs and into red blood cells.
  • Most of the mass of living organisms is oxygen as a component of water, the principal element of lifeforms.
  • Oxygen is Earth’s most abundant element
  • However, oxygen has its limits like anoxic (anok-sik) environments or the spiritual realm (hell, heaven) – Where his presence is
  • That’s an inadequate reference but the best I could relate – That’s how great God is, even Oxygen can’t fully express God’s omnipresence

3. Our response to His Omnipresence

How should we respond to the God who is everywhere all the time?
Why should I seek God if he’s everywhere?
Seek him. Feel out for him. Know his face

Two types of God’s presence

  1. Rûaḥ > roo’-akh – (wind, breath, mind, spirit)
  2. Pānîm > par-neem (Face of God, Relationship, Intimacy, Friendly)

Gen 3:8 
Psa 27:8 
Psa 105:3-4 3
1Jo 1:3 

  • The more you draw the more he does. What comfort.
  • John 14:16-17
  • The only way to know God is to seek who he is . . . through scripture
  • Not just reading but obeying what he instructs to do
  • Study scripture and spend time with the God in prayer who is near and not far
  • Pro 20:27 The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all his innermost parts.

God is everywhere constantly so be assured:

  • We do not need to worry about what people are saying behind my back, he’s there
  • We do not need to lose peace over my financial situation, he’s there
  • We do not need to fear demons, devils, wickedness and war, he’s there
  • We do not need to fret over my children’s safety when without me, he’s there
  • When our time ends, and we meet the grave, he’s there to resurrect us as he has done our Lord and saviour Jesus

Why fear? Know that the all-powerful, unchanging, never-ending creator and father, who loves you unconditionally is everywhere.

Let’s respond in faith and frequently seek his face; intimately.
He’s everywhere, but you can go deeper with him today, Face to face – like a friend, close, loving and kind