Unrivalled (God is Omnipotent) – (p6)

God is omnipotent – God of infinite power

  • Psalms 93:4
  • Psalms 147:5
  • Job 26:14
  • Jeremiah 32:17
  • Isaiah 40:28
  • God’s power does not change.
  • God’s power is not bound by location or time.
  • God’s power is always active.
  • God’s limitless power is paired with God’s limitless goodness.

Four areas of power that the world glorifies:

  1. Strength as power

  • We idolise the physically strong and marginalise the weak. When we worship strength as the power it leads to intimidation and violence.
  • Bible calls us to love God ‘with all our strength’.
  • Bible calls us to look after ‘weak and vulnerable.
  1. Beauty as power

  • The beautiful has power that isn’t earned but given to them.
  • Bible tells us that beauty is internal, it’s about the fruits of the spirit.
  • Does all our effort go on external beauty or does it go on internal beauty, investing in growing our internal beauty as the bible says?
  • Also, how do we treat others?
  1. Wealth as power

  • To be poor is to be powerless – money opens doors.
  • Bible goes to great lengths to teach about wealth/money.
  • Steward – wealth God has given us to elevate others.
  1. Charisma as power

  • Charismatic personality – this can easily shift from motivation to manipulation. Ideas and words have the power to create and power to destroy.
  • When we talk to people about God’s love we need to make sure we point them to Jesus, not to ourselves.
  • The bible tells us our words have power, life and death.
  • Use our voice for the voiceless.

How does Jesus compare to the sources of power that the world worships:

  • Jesus overpowered no one with physical power.
  • Jesus was ordinary looking.
  • Jesus didn’t possess great wealth or money.
  • Jesus chose silence when accused.

Three ways in which God’s omnipotence and power intersect with us:

  1. The greatest power there is, is the transformation of the human heart.
  2. The power of God is at work in you, Ephesians 3:16-21
  3. How will you use your God given power?