The Miracles of Jesus (What Change Are You Desperate For?)

What change are you wanting to see and are desperate for? God understands our desperation.

Desperate for change

  • Mark 5:24-26
  • We meet a woman who is desperate for a change, she is an outcast to society and has essentially been in quarantine for 12 years.
  • She tried to fix it by going to see doctors and spent all her money. Everything she’s done in her own strength has fallen short and left her worse.

Desperate for a touch from Jesus

  • Mark 5:27-29
  • The woman was desperate for a touch from Jesus and faith requires a small action from us and then Jesus does the rest.

What change do we want to see? And on our own can we do it?

Desperate for identity

  • Mark 5:29-34
  • We are all desperate for identity. In v34 Jesus first addressed the woman’s identity, by calling her daughter. He highlights that the most important part is her identity as a child of God and this is the same for us.
  • The world tells us our identity is from how popular we are and how much money we have, but Jesus calls us daughter and son. We can come to him broken and desperate and his response is daughter, son.

What change are you desperate for?

Let’s invite Jesus into that situation, he has the power to change it, are you desperate enough to reach out and touch him?