The Miracles of Jesus – Obedience to God’s Word

Luke 5:1-13

Jesus teaches the crowd but then gives a private challenge to one of his disciples and this happens throughout the gospels, there’s a sermon for the many and then an individual word for someone. Let’s listen for the specific word Jesus has for us in this sermon and if we obey there is a blessing that will come, like Peter, he had the largest catch of fish he’d ever experienced


Peter’s response and obedience in v5 is the key to the miracle and when it comes to our own lives this is the challenge, can we whatever the circumstances say but at your word I will be obedient.


Two points from Peter’s response, ‘at your word, I will’


One – Jesus’ word is our supreme authority

  • As disciples we’re called to obey Christ’s commands, we can do that by reading the bible, as the bible teaches us to know what we’re called to do and then the challenge is to do what we’re called to do. But it can be difficult to demonstrate this act of faith and obedience like Peter.
  • 5 times when it’s difficult to obey
  1. Our own reason doesn’t understand God’s word; our head may not understand but our hearts say I believe. Isaiah 55:8-9.
  2. The objection of others; if Peter had asked the other fishermen’s opinions they would have said not to do it. We often don’t obey Jesus because of the objections of others and it’s okay that we can’t answer all their objections or questions, and that’s good for our own humility and ties us to Jesus not to the opinion of others.
  3. What Jesus is asking us to do can be contrary to our experiences; Often we get into a pattern and way of living as Christians and limit ourselves to what we know, we need to put aside our experience and base our lives on the word of God.
  4. Wanting to please other people; sometimes this stops us because we know that if we do what God has told us to do, it would grieve our parents or that our best friend will be angry. Some of us have such tender hearts that we think ‘I’m following Jesus as best I can but I don’t want to upset others’ and people-pleasing can stop us from obeying. Matthew 10:37.
  5. Our own weakness; some of us feel too weak to do what God is calling us too, we lack courage and confidence. But when our heart is feigning we’re still called to follow Jesus and be obedient, embrace your weakness and ask the Holy Spirit for help.


Two: Keep Jesus’ word and there’s a reward.

  • There is a reward for obedience in this life, for a life that is faithfully obedient.
  • 2 areas where this is the case

1.       Peace in our life; When we’re obedient to his word peace comes, a peace that is not dependent on circumstances

2.       Distinct reward; Peter’s reward was a boatload of fish. Salvation is by grace alone, but obedience in this life brings rewards, to ourselves, others and brings glory to God. In v7 Peter needed help from another boat, obedience to Jesus has a blessing and an overflow to others.


The challenge from this miracle is to do what Jesus tells us, to be obedient to God’s word, Jesus’ teaching and his promptings.


There are always reasons why not and challenges we’ll face, but we’re to say ‘at your word, I will’