The Cross. Foolishness or Power? – Part 3

This week Sam continued our series looking at the cross


On a Friday afternoon, 2000 years ago, there were 6 hours that changed the world. As Jesus gave himself up for us he exclaimed ‘It is finished’, or in greek ‘tetelestai’.

What is finished?

There are few meaning for tetelestai.

Artistic = The picture is perfect
Servant = I have finished the job
Judicial = Justice has been served
Merchant = The debt has been paid
Military = The battle has been won

Tetelestai is a proclamation of triumph, of victory and of a mission accomplished.

It is Paid, I am Free

Jesus defeated Satan, Death and Sin on the cross.

Jesus restores our relationships with God.

Jesus paid the price so we could have meaning, purpose and freedom from the things that hold us back

Jesus is at work in me

We are God’s masterpiece

Accepting Jesus means there is a change of government in our hearts.

Sin no longer reigns in us.

Jesus gives me the victory

The situations we are going through are temporary

Sunday is coming!

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