The Cross: Foolishness or Power? – Part 2

This week Mark Waterfield continued our series ‘The Cross: Foolishness of Power?

The Power over Satan 

The cross has power over Satan.

There is a real battle going on in this world, a battle between Good and Evil.


Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, everything flows from this.

There is a battle going on over peoples lives, Satan does not want people to have salvation but Jesus brings people from darkness to light.

Authority to rule

God created mankind to rule over the earth but gave that authority over at the fall.

The power of the cross gives you authority.

In Daily lives

Satan has been defeated but he is actively at war.

Satan lies

Satan is the father of lives, we can speak truth and not argue with him

Satan the accuser

Satan will accuse us, we have been set free at the cross

Satan condemns

Satan tries to rob us of joy and peace, but the power of the cross means there is no condemnation

Satan bitterness

Satan tries to make us bitter towards one another, at the cross we were forgiven so now we can forgive

Satan tries to take our eyes off Jesus

He will try to distract us but the power of the cross means we can fix our eyes on Jesus

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