That You May Know – God is Light (p2)

– God is light (v5) (John 8v12 & 9v5) and so it is important that God’s people walk in the light – let our whole lives reflect God

– To ‘walk in the light’ is to live righteously each day in fellowship with God

– v8-9 – live our lives knowing that only Jesus forgives & confessing our sins to Him alone who forgives us

– v3-6 – Test of obedience of God in light of his forgiveness/love

– If we really know God it will have a big impact on our daily lives

– Obedience is not spectacular but is the basis of all true Christian service

– If we are not obedient to God in how we live our lives then John calls us a liar!

– ‘Agape’ love occurs here in 1 John 18 times more than any other NT book. Love is seen in obedience for love delights to do God’s will.

– Belong to Jesus – live like Jesus did!