Set Free Live Free – Celebrating Salvation? (p2)

You are each a unique story of​ God’s grace (v11-14)​

  • Paul had a revelation of Jesus
  • Reminding Galatians of How God saved him 
  • Saul/Paul – Persecutor of the Church
  • Saul/Paul – Strictest Jew possible
  • Then Paul meets Jesus

You are each saved by God​ alone (v15-16)​

  • God does it all!
  • God set you apart before you were born (v15)
  • God call me by His grace (v15)
  • God reveals Jesus (v16)

You each have a message to​ tell (v23-24)​

  • Paul took the message of the Gospel to Gentiles
  • What did he preach? HIS STORY
  • YOU – have a message to share!
  • Generation – loves stories….
  • Be real & authentic