Ridiculous Faith (p.2) – Faith That Works

Ridiculous Faith (p.2) – Faith that works

Think about today’s message through the lens of your greatest need.

The background of this story is that three Kings were going into battle against the Moabites and thought they’d win easily, but then found themselves in difficulties and had no water. And at the time they weren’t following God, but when they had a big need they turned to him and looked for someone who was following the Lord’s ways.

2 Kings 3:9-18

Let’s apply this story to our lives and look at a faith that works, a faith that is active and a faith that moves the heart of God

  1. Only God can send the water, but sometimes he wants you to dig a ditch
  • James 2:26
  • Nothing is impossible for God, but he says to us, show me your faith and I’ll show you my faithfulness. He loves to see our faith in action.
  • Too many people are waiting for God to show them faithfulness, but not showing God any faith.
  • At the moment what ditch is God asking you to dig?
  1. Real faith believes big, but starts small
  • Some of us don’t have a big enough view of God and others have big dreams but aren’t willing to start small.
  • Zechariah 4:10
  • If you have a big vision, then start with what is in front on you.
  • God loves it when we participate in his miracles, when he can see our faith. Because faith without works is dead, James 2:26.

2 Kings 3:20

Only God could do this, but he wanted the three kings and their troops to dig a ditch. Some of us have a significant need in our life, today let that need drive you to God and to ridiculous faith. To dig ditches, start small and believe big.

God alone does the miracles, but he asks us to dig the ditches.