Refocus, Rebuild, Revival (p3)

Nehemiah 3

3 principles applied by Nehemiah and the Israelites in the way they’re rebuilding the wall that teach us something today:

  1. Priority
  • Nehemiah 3:1, the sheep gate was where you’d enter when bringing sacrifices to the temple, it was a holy part of the city. It’s the first thing the author chooses to tell us and the only place we’re told was consecrated.
  • This shows that they had their priorities right and got God involved in what they were doing.
  • Coming out of lockdown we may have to make decisions about what’s next and it’s important to include God in our decisions.
  • 1 Corinthians 10:31
  • Don’t get so caught up in the process that you forget the purpose, start with God.
  1. Proximity
  • Throughout this chapter we see that there were many people making repairs where they lived.
  • Some of us are called to be Nehemiah’s who step out and go to a new part of the world, but many of us are called to minister where we are. Your mission field is your home, workplace, friends and family. God has equipped us to work where we are.
  • Matthew 9:37-38
  1. Practicality
  • There are priests, perfumers, merchants, all different people helping to rebuild the wall, they’re not all using their specific giftings, they’re all getting stuck in and helping out.
  • We all have giftings but God is calling us to help with the work that is in front of us, whether it’s using our specific gifts or not. In verse 1 we see the priests rebuilding the wall, they were the spiritual leaders of the time and they just got stuck in.
  • We can get caught up in wondering about our own calling and gifts that we overlook what’s right in front of us that needs our help. Our primary purpose as Christians is not to maximise our gifts and talents, our primary purpose in life is to serve God.

These same challenges apply to us as a community.

  1. Priority
  • We need to ensure that when we go back to meeting in person that Christ is our priority, when we meet back in person ask others about how their relationship with God is.
  1. Proximity
  • Think about what is around us, it’s easy to think about the next big project etc. but let’s take this time to deepen the relationships around us at church, offer to meet up with someone, get to know someone you don’t know well.
  1. Practically
  • We need to come into this new season willing to practically help and get involved. Might mean you step out of your comfort zone, but think about what you could practically offer in this season.