Refocus, Rebuild, Revival (p2)

Refocus, Rebuild, Revival (p2)
Nehemiah 2:1-4
4 months have passed between chapter 1 and chapter 2, in that time Nehemiah waited patiently for God to show him the next step.
Two important questions in this passage:
  1. What is it you want?
  • Nehemiah 2:4-8
  • When Nehemiah is asked this by the King he says a quick prayer and then asks big of the king.
  • 2 challenges for our prayer life:
    – We don’t ask big enough. Nehemiah went for the big ask and got every single one. What was the last outrageous thing that you prayed for God to do?
    – Our prayers aren’t specific enough. God doesn’t answer vague prayers when Jesus healed the blind man he had to articulate what he wanted. The more specific our prayers are the more glory to God and the more faith we’ll have when they’re answered.
  • Nehemiah prayed but he also had a plan. We need to pray big prayers and be ready with our plan for when the pray is answered.
  1. Will you go with the process?
  • Nehemiah 2:11-20
  • Nehemiah goes to check the city on his own. When God calls us to do something there’s a personal period of time where we need to own that for ourselves.
  • It then moves on to not just being about ourselves but to, we are in this together v17. The rebuilding of the wall would take everyone, the nobles, the poor, women and children etc. everyone had a part to play.
  • In verse 20 the process goes from, Nehemiah alone, to the corporate group of people, to God is with us and will prosper us. God is on our side.
  • When God rebuilds and when God calls us, there’s always a process where God is at work. We often want to jump straight to the end, but God wants us to walk through the process.
  • Often the process is more important than the destination because God is teaching us all the time to trust in him, we’re learning what really matters and becoming more like God.  
Are your prayers big enough? Are they specific enough? Write them down and pray them consistently.
Will you go with God through the process?