Refocus, Rebuild, Revival (p1)

Refocus, Rebuild, Revival pt1

Nehemiah 1:1-4

The visitors gave Nehemiah a bleak picture of what Jerusalem was like and in 2021 we need faith like never before but we also need to face the reality of the difficult time we’re living in.

Are we like Nehemiah, are we willing to face reality and see what God would have us do?

Refocusing, rebuilding and revival all start when we face the reality of the situation we’re in today and then with God’s help we’re to act.

Nehemiah 1:4

  • When Nehemiah heard about Jerusalem he wept and mourned.
  • The worst thing we can do when we see the issues in the world, is to shrug our shoulders and say it doesn’t matter to me.
  • When Jesus saw injustice he was angry, he wept and stood up for what he believed in.
  • Ask a dangerous prayer for Jesus to stir a reaction inside of you for the pain you see in the world.

Nehemiah 1:5-11

  • Revivals start in prayer and prayer is throughout Nehemiah.
  • In these verses Nehemiah is not passing judgement or being critical, he’s calling on the promises of God and we can pray with confidence when we pray using the bible.
  • Nehemiah prayed and he was part of the answer. The greatest example of this is Jesus, he saw the pain of sin and saw the judgement coming, but his love was so great that he came down from heaven to die on the cross for us and he rebuilt the way from us to God.

The reality of our situation today is that the world is in ruins and there needs to be a reaction from us.

Pray the dangerous prayer, Lord break my heart for what breaks yours.

Let the Holy Spirit burden us with the injustices, the grief and sickness in the world that only Jesus can deal with.

Revival starts with prayer.