Re-Focus – Part 1

This week Mark Waterfield started a mini preaching series going through Haggi


Solomon had built a temple.
When Solomon died the Israelites turned from God

The Israelites were taken into captivity and the temple was destroyed.

They were in captivity in 50 years

Israelites were allowed back to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple

They built the foundations and the alter

The Samaritans started to oppose the Israelites re-building the temple

They stopped building for 14 years

This is the context that God raised Haggi



What are you priorities?

Are you prioritizing God? Or are you prioritizing your own comfort?


Practical steps

God gives us steps 1,2,3 but we want to know steps 4,5,6 as well.

Be obedient to God in steps 1,2,3 and then God will show you steps 4,5,6

Remember the outcome is in God’s hands

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