Praise, Prayer, Priority

From the story of Passion Week in the bible, which is from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday, there are 3 areas of our lives we can focus on during this time.

  1. Make time to praise, sing and worship
  • Mark 11:1-11
  • At the beginning of Passion Week people were praising and joyful, but later in the week when they turned from praise it became painful.
  • Praise isn’t of this world it makes the enemy flee Nehemiah 8:10
  • God has authority over all our problems (pain, sickness, money worries etc.), let’s stop telling God about our problems and tell our problems about our God.
  1. Be persistent in your prayer
  • Mark 11:13-19
  • Like in the temple God is clearing out the distractions and calling us to be intentional and persistent in our prayers.
  • “Is prayer your steering wheel or spare tyre?” – Corrie Ten Boom
  1. What’s our priority?
  • Mark 14:3-9
  • Jesus gave up everything for us, what’s our priority to do what we can for Jesus?
  • Mary’s priority was anointing Jesus and using what she had, others criticised her but Jesus called it “a beautiful thing” v6.
  • Whatever we do to help in this time do it for Jesus and it will be a beautiful thing, even if others criticise us.
  • Use whatever we’re ‘rich’ in to serve, whether that’s time, talents or treasure.