Jesus Makes the Headlines – (Part 7)

This week Sam Nair continued our series about Jesus, ‘Jesus Makes the Headlines’ 

Twelve Ordinary Men – Just like you

Jesus chose:

6 siblings
6 fishermen
1 tax collector
2 political zealots
3 obscure people with no background
People who could not stand each other

Jesus’ Invitation is for all people

The disciples had different personalities

Peter – Quick tempered
Andrew – doesn’t want the limelight
James & John – Fierce ambitious sons of thunder
Philip – A man of Logic
Nathaniel – A Sceptic
Thomas – the doubter
Mathew – a dodgy tax man
Simon & Judas – politicians
James & Thaddaeus – the unknown

Jesus’ Command ‘Follow Me’ 

Don’t jut tag along

All of the disciples were transformed by Jesus

Jesus’ Promise

‘You follow and I will do the transforming’

Follow Us