It’s time to dream again

Acts 2:42-47

  1. A church that is devoted, generous and sharing the love of Christ
  • Devoted – bible/fellowship/prayer
  • Generous – extravagant/giving away
  • Sharing the love of Christ – people coming to faith daily

Acts 13:1-3

  1. A church that is diverse and creative
  • There’s diversity in the Acts church and Acts 13 is the turning point in church history,
  • Hope church is a diverse church and we celebrate God’s creativity. We’re different in so many ways but united in Christ, Galatians 3:28.
  • All the revivals and church plants and miracles in Acts begin in this moment in Acts 13.
  • A legacy is what others accomplish because of you.

Acts 17:16-18, 22-23, 32-34

  1. A church that brings light to the darkness
  • Paul doesn’t debate the morals and ethics but brings it back to Jesus and the resurrection.
  • People in Athens were spiritual but had questions and Paul uses the culture of the time to point people to Jesus.
  • Paul brings light to the darkness and leads to Dionysius who became the first bishop of Athens.
  • When we share Jesus it’s not about the numbers, it’s about individual people connecting with the gospel.
  • Where you are shine the light of Jesus.

Two challenges

  1. We’re to consecrate ourselves before the Lord – Joshua 3:5
  • Consecration means to depend on God above ourselves, spending time alone with God, putting the bible as our main source of wisdom, worship first rather than worry.
  • When we consecrate ourselves before God it then draws us out to others.
  1. Be uniquely used by God – Numbers 11:26-30
  • Be ready to be uniquely used by God, don’t worry about a past formula or being boxed in.