How to Follow God through Changing Times

How to follow God through changing times.

Greek words describing qualities of time – Chronos and Kairos:


  • Minutes/hours/days – how we measure time
  • Matthew 2:7 and Acts 13:18


  • Moments of specific seasons when God steps in.
  • Matthew 8:29

God is at work in both of these times and truly values both. Chronos/Kairos periods in the bible; Exodus is a time of Kairos. Then later on God tells them to build houses and have families, a Chronos season.

Most of us are used to a Chronos mindset but we need a different mindset in Kairos times.

How to follow God in a Kairos time:

  1. Expectations
    • Change how we view God’s provision for us, time to raise our expectations that he is at work.
    • Exodus 16 – Manna from heaven – Everything comes directly from God and we look to him like we haven’t before.
    • In a Kairos time God is predictable in his provision.
  2. Trust
    • Things might not make sense and we don’t always know the next step but in times of change we’re to trust God more.
    • The plan we had for the future may not be useful anymore, because God has a better plan. Example of this in Paul’s second missionary journey, Acts 16.
    • In changing times we’re to follow God in a different way and that might not make sense or seem logical to us.
    • Keep in step with the spirit, Galatians 5:25
  3. Stay close to God
    • God will care for you in a wonderful, beautiful and supernatural way. What’s important is the proximity to God’s presence.
    • God protected the Israelites in the wilderness by a cloud by day and fire by night.
    • Following God’s guidance and keep in step with Holy Spirit, there’s a protection in that intimacy with him.
  4. Accelerate
    • Kairos moments are hard but significant and there is an acceleration of break through and growth.
    • God is at work in significant ways.
    • Press on through challenges but know that it’s a season where God’s plans and purposes will accelerate and God will breakthrough.

Change is exhausting but what we do now matters and we have a faithful God who is at work, and this is a time to walk with him and see him do incredible things.