Hidden Figures – Joseph of Arimathea – (p4)

Five things Joseph teaches us:

  1. How to use our influence
    • Joseph stewarded his influence – Mark 15:43
    • All have an influence to steward in our everyday life.
    • How will you use your influence to serve others and glorify Jesus?
  2. How to wait
    • Luke 23:5
    • We need to learn patience and wait for God.
    • Hebrew word ‘Qavah’ 2 sides – bind together and look expectantly.
    • Waiting is not inactive it is a trusting hope that there is a future and a plan.
    • Jesus doesn’t fit our timescales, but like Joseph we’re to wait expectantly.
  3. How to steward our wealth
    • Matthew 27:
    • He stewarded his money to glorify God.
    • Generosity is a hallmark of faith, 1 Timothy 6:17.
    • Everything we have is a gift from God, so then we can live out of that generosity.
    • Live as generous people with your time, talents and treasures.
  4. How to be bold for Jesus
    • Mark 15:43
    • The pressure of the situation forced Joseph to make a decision. The disciples ran away under this same pressure, but Joseph stayed and chose to act.
    • Why did Joseph do this? Maybe because he spent time with Jesus/saw the wonder of cross/ inner conviction of the Holy Spirit
    • We all get multiple opportunities to be bold and many times we won’t be bold, but this was Joseph’s moment to shine and there’s a moment for each of us to step up and step out for Jesus
  5. How to work in partnerships
    • John 19:39-40
    • Joseph didn’t act alone, the 2 secret disciples stepped up boldly at this time, whereas the other disciples all fled.
    • The body of Christ is about working together and helping each other
    • Jesus loves partnership and people working together, it’s what he modelled when he was on earth.
    • We as a church can come together and share our time/talent/treasures.

Joseph really is a hidden/small print figure in this story, but he was hugely significant. What would have happened if he hadn’t claimed the body? But Joseph was just doing what he could with what he had and didn’t know the impact those actions were going to have. We can feel insignificant and question what our purpose is, when we feel like that remember Joseph.

Joseph could have made a different choice, but his ordinary life had an extraordinary impact. What will you do with your life?