Give Share Grow – Part 2

This week Sam Nair continued our series on giving.

What is life all about? Is it the same old cycle of study, grow up, earn, marry, produce children, buy stuff and die?

Jesus talks about the ways we should live our life in Matthew.

Sam takes us through Matthew 25:14-30 and looks at 5 key words/phrases in the text.

Master on a journey

Jesus reminds us that life is temporal and he is coming back.

He tells us we are accountable for our conduct.


Servant = Doulos
(More on Doulos here)

A doulas was someone who chose to serve a master because they treated them better than a servant.

Our relationship with Jesus is not out of obligation but it is defined by love. We choose to follow him.

Our identity is not defined by what we do or what we wear or who we hang around with. Our identity comes from God.

We do things for God, not for people’s appreciation.

Entrusted his property

We are entrusted with Gods property.

We may think that what we have is ours, No! It’s God’s


The talents are God’s property

They are extremely valuable, in those time this is what they were worth

1 talent = 30,000 Denarii
1 Denarii = 1 days wages
1 talent = 82 years of wages

1 Talent is worth more than could be earned in a lifetime


The Talents are distributed according to their strength, power and skill set.

Different people will receive different amount of talents.

What does this mean ?

Talent = God gives us opportunities based on our abilities.

Not all opportunities thats we get are from God, say No to sinful opportunities.


Action for tomorrow

Live in  relationship and identity with God

Love, give, share but by all means grow – the only way to share in the masters happiness

Take up opportunities, take risks, step out of our comfort zones.

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