Give, Share, Grow – Part 1

This week Mark Waterfield started a new preaching series ‘Give, Share, Grow’
(Note: due to a recording issue the audio is quiet so you may need to adult your volume accordingly)


Generally there are two types of people,

  1. Me focused. Everything is about me. what is the best for me?
  2. Others focused. Everything is about other people. How can I help other people?

The bible is about giving.
Giving, money, time, hospitality, encouragement, talents.

The bible mentions give/giving/gives 2,157 times


God gives us Jesus.

God sent Jesus to the earth to save us.

Through Jesus he did not condemn the world but gave us a way out.

We do not need to do anything for Jesus has done it all.

Jesus gave his life

No one took Jesus’ life, he gave it willingly for us.

Holy Spirit brings gift to children of God 

God gives us natural gifts and talents.

Holy spirit gives us spiritual gifts to bless others,


What will you give this week?

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