Forgotten God – The Powerful Holy Spirit (Part 3)

What does the Holy Spirit do for us?

  1. The Holy Spirit is our comforter – John 14:16,16:7 (some Bible translations – advocate)
  2. The Holy Spirit is our counsellor (also advocate) – John 14:26
  3. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin – John 16:8
  4. The Holy Spirit enables us to conquer sin – Galatians 5:16
  5. The Holy Spirit charges us (we receive supernatural power) – Acts 1:8, Ephesians 5:18

We are called to wait

In scripture we are called to wait. As humans we not very good at waiting. Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4. Greek word for wait has the sense of sitting still. Disciples waited until the day of Pentecost for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2). What does it mean to actively wait? Luke 24:52-53 – The disciples experienced great joy, they worshipped and blessed God.

Active waiting is celebrating Jesus, worshipping Him, and praising God. Prayer, worship, growing our intimacy with the Lord are part of this active waiting. While we do this God is shifting/changing things.

We are called to Freedom


Acts 12:6-10 – Peter’s miraculous rescue from prison. The Holy Spirit can come and break any chain in your life: a habit, an addiction, a sinful behaviour. Many of us stay in the prison not realising we have been set free, we need to follow the freedom of the Holy Spirit out of our prison into the purposes of God for our lives.

We are to wait and know the freedom the Holy Spirit brings. Acts 1:4-5

Water baptism – symbol of forgiveness and our repentance

Holy Spirit baptism – speaks of our transformation as Christians – God is in us. He gives us supernatural power to live our lives as Christians.