Forgotten God – The Powerful Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Who is the Holy Spirit

  1. He is God
  2. The Counsellor/Helper/Comforter
  3. Teacher
  4. Our guide
  5. Gives us power

The Holy Spirit comes to live inside us at the point of salvation, but he’s not someone who just takes control, you have to choose for him to take control. Like a baby has to learn to use their limbs we have to learn have to live using the Holy Spirit.

  1. Holy Spirit is a person: relate with him
    • Unless we make a conscious choice to live with the Holy Spirit and have a relationship we won’t live with his power
    • We have the comforter, counsellor and teacher living in us, when have we last gone to him when we’re anxious or needed to learn something?
    • To have a relationship with the Holy Spirit it’s the same with earthly relationships, we have to give time and have conversations to build the relationship
  2. He is God – obey the Holy Spirit
    • The Holy Spirit came onto Jesus after he was obedient and was baptised
    • The Holy Spirit speaks to us in our mind, the power of it depends on how much we listen and cultivate the habit of listening to the word of God and the Holy Spirit, if we don’t practice it the voice will go fainter and fainter
    • Will we obey the Holy Spirit no matter what he tells you? And when we do we’ll be living by the spirit and denying desires of the flesh
  3. Give him your life – slow things down
    • Ephesians 5:18
    • To get drunk we have to go seek out alcohol, and it changes how we think, act and speak, it’s same with the Holy Spirit we have to actively engage and seek out the Holy Spirit and it’ll change our lives.
    • Church can be like a bar where we come searching for the Holy Spirit, let’s come to church with a hunger that’s not reliant on the singer, worship song or the speaker but based on our desperation for the Holy Spirit
    • If we think we don’t know the Holy Spirit, slow things down and stop the clutter i.e. devices, tv etc.