Flipped (p1) – Being Christian and Set-apart

In the Sermon on the mount in Matthew 5-7 Jesus flips everything on it’s head and offers a description of what it looks like to be a Christian and be set-apart, and Jesus lived this out in his life.

In Matthew 5:1-2, what Jesus does is a parallel of Moses on Mount Sinai, as Jesus is giving us a new law and a new way of living.

First four beatitudes, Matthew 5:2-7

  1. Blessed are the poor in spirit
  • Acknowledge spiritual poverty
  • Entrance card to the kingdom of God – I have nothing!
  • Salvation is a gift we receive with humility of a child
  • It’s flipped because our starting point is ‘I have nothing’
  1. Blessed are those who mourn
  • Sorrow at our own sins/failure – contrition
  • Understand the depravity of our sin – sweetness of grace
  • Comfort of Jesus for all who mourn their sin.
  • It’s flipped, as the more we know/feel our sin/depravity then the more Jesus comforts and is close
  1. Blessed are the meek
  • The opposite of what the world applauds
  • Understanding of yourself before God and man
  • Jesus demonstrated what ‘meek’ looked like in his life
  • It’s flipped because the meek get it all
  1. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness
  • Christians are to be ambitious people spiritually
  • Righteousness for all people/whole community
  • Go after the justice and reign of God
  • It’s flipped because it’s not about what I achieve but about righteousness for others