Fighting for Your Destiny – Part 8

This week Mark Waterfield continued our series through Joshua

Mark gave us 1 warning and 2 encouragements from Joshua 9&10

Warning: Do not be deceived

Gibeonites deceived Joshua.
Joshua accepted everything at face value and he did not seek the counsel of the Lord

Satan uses deception against us.

How can we not be deceived?

Continue to seek the counsel of God through prayer

Surround ourselves with Godly friends

Ask for discernment so we can discern what is right and wrong



Your mistake can become your miracle

Because of the deception of the Gibeonites, Joshua fought a battle God never intended them to fight.

We have all got ourselves into situations that need God’s help
God can use our mistakes for miracles.

Nothing is impossible for God

During the battle God made the Sun stand still.
Joshua had the faith to pray for this.

Will you ask God for the impossible?

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