Exodus – God With Us (Part 6)

How is your memory?


Are you able to quickly recall all the goodness of God in your life? How about when you are going through challenging situations, are you able to count His goodness then?


This week we were in Exodus 16, it’s not long since through unattainably incredible miracles that God’s people have fled Pharaoh, Egypt and the miserable life of slavery they’d been under for 400years. They’ve been out in the desert for a few days and they’re hungry and so they begin to grumble; against Moses, Aaron and ultimately God. Their current state of discomfort and hunger taints their recent lifestyle and they say that they were better off under the hand of the Egyptians. This is what psychologists call recency bias. Their current state and how they’re feeling significantly impacts the truth of the situation at hand, so much so that they wish they were trapped back in slavery. Have you ever experienced this? Whether under good or bad circumstances, it can be easy for us to allow our current state to allow to become bias to certain conditions, even if deep down we know they harm us.


In this preach Alex details three things we need to remember about who God is from this passage and three things we need to remember to do in our life:


We need to remember that:

  1. God is trustworthy
  • Israelites had seen god at work and knew what He’d promised them, yet still forgot.
  • all evidence in the story shows Gods words to be true
  1. God is a provider
  • God is faithful for 40years, but sends food daily why?
  • He wants people who have the right heart (v4) and trust Him over everything else
  • God’s provision is more than ‘our daily bread’, God know’s better than us what we truly need.
  1. God is the one who saves
  • The people kept looking to Moses rather than to God (v16v3, 17v3)
  • It is important to know that it is God who does the rescuing (v6, 12)
  • These acts are meant to remind people that they need God to save them


We need to remember to:

  1. Remember God’s word (promises)
  • remembering is important (v32). Don’t just read the bible remember it
  • remembering God’s word roots us when the world encourages us to only rely on how we feel.
  1. Rely on God daily
  • Israelites priorities are all wrong (v20, 27)
  • seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you
  • Jesus is the bread of life, put him first and He will truly satisfy you
  1. That we need a saviour (and that we HAVE a saviour!)
  • The passage is a reminder of our need for a saviour
  • Jesus is the ultimate rescuer, where would we be without him?
  • pray for forgiveness often. it reminds us that we need a saviour and we can be thankful because we have a saviour!