Exodus – God With Us (Part 4)

Exodus God with us – Part 4


This Sunday, Mark Waterfield preached the fourth part of our sermon series from the Old Testament book of Exodus.


The Exodus


Exodus 12:31-51


  1. God’s favour is upon you (verses 35 and 36). The Israelites were instructed to ask the Egyptians to bless them as they left with gold/silver and jewellery. In the New Testament, we are blessed with every spiritual blessing. God’s favour is upon us and is found in forgiveness from sin, freedom from sin/fear and the promise of eternal life. We are blessed and have God’s favour upon us.
  2. We are all part of the family of God (verses 38 and 48). A mixed multitude left Egypt. We are part of the mixed multitude today. When you become a Christian, you become part of God’s family. By faith we become part of the family of God.


Exodus 14:5-14


  1. The Lord fights for you (verse 13). Sometimes we feel trapped and pressed in on every side. We read about spiritual warfare in Ephesians chapter 6. We are to stand firm in the power of God and declare the Lord’s victory. Jesus fights our battles for us.


Exodus 14:15-31

  1. Victory is yours verses 21 to 25 two groups go into the sea, only one came out. Two victories: victory our powers and principalities. Egyptian army was destroyed. This is a picture of God’s victory over Satan and any other demonic power. In Colossians chapter 2 we read how Jesus is victorious over Satan and other demonic powers. Satan is defeated. Victory is ours. We also have a victory over death. For the Egyptians the red sea was a place of death, for the Israelites it was deliverance and new life.


Four truths from today’s message


  1. God’s favour is upon you
  2. You are part of God’s family
  3. The Lord fights for you
  4. Victory is yours!