Esther – Hope & Courage – (p5) – God in the details

Very small moments can lead to big impacts over time, but the idea of the butterfly effect brings no comforts to us. Here are some verses that bring comfort:

  • Psalm 115:3
  • Isaiah 43:25
  • Ephesians 1:11
  • Lamentations 3:37
  • Daniel 4:35
  • 1 Timothy 6:15

God is the blessed controller of all things

Esther 5:1-14, 6:1-14

  • God orchestrated the details of this story,
  • Ephesians 1:11
  • Even in the most pagan corners of the world, God was at work and he’s still at work today in our world.
  • If we think everything is stacked against us, then remember the story of Haman and Mordecai.
  • Let’s change the saying the devil is in the detail to God is in the detail.

Don’t listen to the voices of doubt and fear, that will tell you it’s all chance etc. if you can’t see God’s hand in your life or understand what he’s doing, obey what you know and be patient with what you don’t.

Romans 8:28

Job 42:2

Rest in the truth that God is at work in the details.