Esther – Hope & Courage – (p1)

Esther part 1

We’re naturally in a season of winter, but culturally and some of us personally are also in a season of winter. Esther was written at a time of winter for Israel.

Esther 1:1-2

Where was God in the book of Esther?

  • God’s name is not mentioned in the book of Esther, compared to other books in the bible He seems far removed and absent.
  • Hebrew 1:3 God is known to intervene dramatically, but for every divine shout there are a thousand whispers of God at work. Esther is a story of a whispering, but active God.
  • God is active even when he seems distant and he invites you and me to partner with him ‘for such a time as this’.
  • Winters don’t last forever.

Esther 1:3-21

The challenge from Esther is for us as Christians to stay faithful as God’s covenant people. We are called to be different, holy and set apart.

The world is lying to us and it spends billions to lure us into things that make us weary and broken and so often we forget our calling.

So how do God’s people live in a Godless society, do we blend in? No, we’re called to be different.

1 Peter 2:9-12

We were made for more, we were made to serve the almighty God.

Let’s remember from Esther chapter 1:

  • The world offers you nothing, it’s full of bright lights but they lead to emptiness.
  • As God’s people you are chosen and set apart.
  • God is at work.