Dying Words of Love (p5) – I’m Thirsty

John 19:28

“I am thirsty”

Why was Jesus thirsty? And what does that mean for us?

Why was Jesus thirsty?

  • This was the only time Jesus acknowledged his physical suffering.
  • In Mark 15:23 he’d been offered a drink with myrrh which acted as a pain relief, but he refused so that he could go through this with a clear mind.
  • In his death he demonstrated that he was fully God and fully man and in the end he thirsted like we thirst and died like we die.

What does it mean for us?

  • When we’re thirsty we have a drink, but what does our spiritual thirst look like?
  • Being thirsty is being in lack of something and we can use many things to quench our spiritual thirst, relationships, jobs, drugs etc. things other than God can be used to fill our spiritual hole.
  • Sometimes these things can seem innocent but can lead to something more dangerous.
  • Throughout Jesus’ ministry he showed us how we can quench our thirst and in John 4 when the woman at the well received Jesus’ living water she no long needed validation from the men in her life.

Will we continue with temporary fixes or allow God to give us the living water? When we rely on Jesus to quench our thirst it satisfies, it sustains and allows us to grow, nothing else in this world will do this.