Dying Words of Love (p3) – Not Forsaken

Matthew 27:46

“My God my God why have you forsaken me”

These words are not unique to Jesus, they’re words we’ve probably all thought at challenging times, this is evidence that Jesus was both man and God, he experienced the same pain and frustration we all do. Should we be feeling this way and asking God where are you? This verse shows us it’s not wrong and Jesus shows a right way to express our grievances to God.

This verse is from the beginning of Psalm 22.

What makes this Psalm relevant is that Jesus himself appears in this Psalm from v16. The Psalm outlines the pain and suffering that we experience, but it ends with the people being satisfied by God forever. The Psalm starts with a question but ends with a response, with an answer. We experience struggle now but one day these wrongs will be made right, because of the cross.

Jesus’ question is not just an echo of what we feel, but it leads to an answer, the answer is Jesus himself.

Galatians 3:13

Does this sound like a God who doesn’t care? Jesus’ question shows us that God understands our questions and that he does care, he sent his son to die for us because he cares so much.

The bible’s answer to suffering isn’t a neat answer, it’s a person dying on the cross so that one day we’ll never be forsaken.

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions of God, but as Jesus comes alongside us in these difficult times, we can know that Jesus asked the same question and that he is the answer.