Dare to be Different – Part 4

This week Mark Waterfield continued our series ‘Dare to Be Different.’ This wee he spoke from 1 Peter 4

We are aliens in this world, we have a heavenly home, we are just passing through.

Jesus never promised things would be easy,
Jesus said if you are persecuted know I was persecuted first. John 15 18-20

Don’t be surprised by the trials that we face.

Persecution depends where you live in the world, in the Uk persecution is not the same as it is in other countries.

You may not have seen much opposition as a believer.

Imagine a football player sitting on the bench playing with his water bottle or playing on his phone. The opposition is not worried about him.
Another player on the pitch, making runs, trying to get the ball and putting all his effort into the match. The opposition will do everything to stop him.

You may be sitting on a spiritual bench, when you get onto the pitch you will see opposition.

Do not settle for comfort

This culture tells us to seek comfort but not Jesus.

There are 2 ways we can live our week
1) pursue comfort
However if we pursue comfort we won’t see opposition and our faith weakens.

2) Dare to be different
This won’t be easy. Be bold. Be holy for he is holy.
We will face opposition but our faith will be strengthened.

The results do do matter, do what is right and trust God with the results.

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