Dare to be Different – Part 1

This week Mark Waterfield started a new preaching series ‘Dare to be Different’
In this series we will look at the letter of 1 Peter

Peter wrote this letter to Christians who were facing extreme persecution under the Roman Emperor Nero.

The message of 1 Peter is for everyone.
You may not be going through a trial right now but there will be a time where you will go through a trial.  1 Peter will help you get through that trial.
1 Peter 1v1 reminds us that this world is not our home, we are just passing through.

Trials reveal your faith.

V6-7  tells us that our trial will prove the genuineness of our faith.
What is genuine faith?
It is the opposite of false faith, false faith could be:
1) Inherited faith – parents go to church so I go to  church
2)Shallow faith – faith that has no roots and are choked by the trials of the world (you can grow you roots by studying the bible, coming along to church on a Sunday and by joining a community group)
3) Conditional faith – a faith that believes when things are going well but not when things aren’t going well.

A faith that has been tested is a faith that can be trusted.
God can use trials to transform us.

Trials draw us closer to God.

The Good News is not that Jesus saves us from trials but that he saves us from sin.
Jesus never said following him would be easy.
God may give us more than we can handle so that we depend on him more.
As we draw near to God, God will draw closer to us.

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