Complete (p3) – A series in Colossians

Colossians 1:15-23

Five statements of truth about Jesus:

  1. Jesus is the only God
    • v15
    • The invisible God of the universe made himself visible on earth by becoming one of us and Jesus came to reflect God to the world in all his fullness.
    • Jesus is the exact representation of God, John 4:9
    • Through Jesus and only through Jesus is God revealed.
  2. Jesus is the only creator
    • v16
    • There is nothing on earth that Jesus didn’t create and there’s nothing that he cannot recreate as a result of his victory on the cross.
  3. Jesus is the only sustainer of the universe
    • v17
    • Jesus sustains the universe, he holds all things together.
    • The false teachers in Colossae believed that Jesus had retreated to heaven and left earth behind.
    • Jesus didn’t create the world to live independently, he created it to be dependent on its creator.
    • John Owen said ‘The universe needs a continued support, guidance, influence and disposal of the son of God. The things of this creation can no more support, act and dispose themselves than they could at first make something out of nothing.’
    • Jesus upholds and preserves the world.
  4. Jesus is supreme over all
    • v18-20
    • He is above all, there is no one like him.
    • Jesus does what no one else could do, he reconciled man to God. Sin created a separation between man and God, but the cross made a way for all who believed in him to be reconciled with God.
  5. Jesus is everything
    • v21-23
    • These verses are an expansion on Ephesians 2.
    • Jesus has dealt with the past by coming to earth and dying on the cross, so we are now holy and blameless in Jesus Christ.
    • Jesus is everything, he dealt with our past by sending Jesus, our present standing with God because of the cross, is that we are right with him and there is a future hope of eternity.

The magnitude of Jesus, his supremacy and his glory is something we desperately need to understand.

John Piper said ‘I know of no other way to triumph over sin long term, than to gain a distaste for sin because of a superior satisfaction in God.’  and nothing can give us that superior satisfaction in God better than focusing on Jesus and who he is.

And all of what we’ve looked at today God says dwells in you, because Christ is in us as believers.