Christmas Unwrapped – Part 1

This week Mark Waterfield started our Christmas series Christmas Unwrapped.

Christmas changed history but how is it relevant to you?

Jesus the ruler

At the time of Jesus’ birth, there were two rulers mentioned in the Bible. Caesar Augustus and Herod.
Caesar Augustus as Roman Emperor had power and authority over the Roman Empire.
Herod ruled Judea with fear and intimidation.

How does the birth of Jesus show us he is the ruler of heaven and Earth?

Jesus has split time.

The date system that we use is split at the birth of Jesus.
BC – Before Christ
AD – Anno Domini meaning Year of the Lord

Jesus Christ, that’s what we call him but what does it mean?

Jesus – Yahweh saves, he is the salvation of the world.

Christ – Anointed one, or coming king

Jesus may not have seemed like a king but he defeated our ultimate enemy, death, sin and Satan were all defeated at the cross

Jesus has all authority.

As believers, we have that authority.

The name of Jesus has power, let us go and use his name, daily.

The early church used the name of Jesus

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