Choose Jesus (Part 3)

Jesus spoke a lot about relationships – he taught us they are at the core of our lives.

His first miracle was at a wedding.

JOHN 2:1-12      

  1. Focus on Jesus

Whatever you focus on will determine your life.

What you focus on grows larger – If you focus on negative things you start to dislike your circumstances. If you focus on God, God gets bigger and your problems get smaller.

The wrong focus leads to the wrong destination. If Jesus is your focus, you will be going in the right direction.

What can I do to get my focus back on Jesus?

In the passage Mary says she will fix her gaze on Jesus.

There is no obligation to spend time with God, he is not legalistic. But his love draws us and we should learn to love our time with the Lord.

Our body can be tired but we need to feed our Spirit – when we spend time in fellowship our spirit is energised and our perspective is changed.

We worship God in whatever we are doing, in our serving. If we do it unto the Lord, it becomes a joy!

  1. Fix things with Jesus

Verse 5 – “Do whatever he tells you to do”

Things in our lives often run out – money, patience, good health, relationships.

We often do all we can in our strength to fix these things.

Mary’s first port of call when the wine runs out, is to run to Jesus.

Jesus is the 1 person who can fix things that nobody else can!

The way we choose to fix our problems determines our trajectory.

Jesus fills our deficit when we fall short. 1 Corinthians 9 – his strength is made perfect in our weakness.

‘My help comes from the one who makes heaven and earth’

Run to Jesus and do what he tells you to do.

Show up, be faithful and let God do his work.

  1. Favour in Jesus

Jesus used an ordinary stone pitcher that was used for washing feet!

Jesus uses ordinary things and does the extraordinary.

It’s Jesus that was the difference.

Jesus brings the best out of things before their time, just like the wine.

Life can be played out with small expectations, but Jesus wants us to live with the high expectations of heaven.

The servants filled the pots to the brim, Jesus wants us to fill up pots generously and do what he asks of us to the full.

The measure of what you give is the measure of God’s favour. God has the ability to use what we give.

On the third day – day 1 and day 2 are times to show up and be faithful. On day 3 Jesus shows up and you see God’s glory. Today could be the third day, Jesus is coming into your situation. Stand up, have high expectations and ask!

Verse 9 – the word for turned means ‘comes suddenly into existence’. Can’t explain it humanly.

Expect the ‘suddenly’ of God to turn our situations into wine!

What are you standing before God with this morning? God is here to bring joy, are you ready to receive it?