Blessed to be a Blessing

Genesis 12:1-3
In verses 2-3 we see that Abraham was blessed to be a blessing and each of us are also blessed by God to be a blessing. If we take on this principle in our own lives then all things are possible.


As we’re called to reflect God, he’s a generous God, he’s a giving God. But everything within us wants us to hold onto what we’ve got, which is what the culture we’re in tells us to do, to keeps things to ourselves and be self obsessed.

Throughout scripture we see this promise of blessed to be a blessing.
Genesis 1:28
Genesis 9:1
Genesis 12

Matthew 28:19-20
Jesus first calls his disciples to be with him and then calls them to be a blessing, to be salt and light.
What we have received is not just for us but for everyone around us, every person in the world.

How does God do that? What does it look like?
God blesses you by what he gives you, we are blessed materially with the things in this world so we can bless those around us. But it’s not just in material things, also in the grace and forgiveness he’s given us. So as we have been blessed and have received his grace and forgiveness, we are called to let go of offences that others have caused to us, restore relationships that are broken and to forgo being right even when we are.


God loves us whatever we’ve done, wherever we are and so we’re also to love those around us.

In Jesus’ life you can see the effect of his love for other people, Zacharias, Samaritan woman etc. As we’ve received the love of God we’re to give it to those around us, to live lives of love.


But God’s blessing on each of you is not one size fits all. God’s blessing on me is different to God’s blessing on you. In Lamentations it says ‘God’s mercies are new every morning’ in Hebrew the word new means ‘different’. God’s mercy in our lives today is different to God’s mercy in our lives yesterday. We each have a unique experience of God’s mercy and blessing, we’re all blessed uniquely by God’s mercy and forgiveness and by what he’s given us.

Deuteronomy 28:8


It’s not just about giving our money, it’s about giving who we are, our skills, our unique gifts, give someone your smile or your undivided attention. In 2020 the culture tells us to hold onto what we’ve got, that it’s all about us and building up treasures on earth to make our lives as comfortable as possible. God says be generous, give, because as you give the more God will expand your horizons.


When going to churches, sometimes people say ‘not sure what I got from the worship or the talk this week’ but we can’t go to church with the attitude of what can I get out of it, we go with what can I bring in terms of time, talent and treasure. In 2020 lets come to church with a mindset of what can I bring to be a blessing, and leave our consumer mindset at the door.


Let 2020 be a year of radical generosity, where we live out this covenant promise that we’re blessed to be a blessing.