How to Rebuild in 2021 – Part 1

So often we are told What needs doing e.g. Rebuild the nation after lockdown, rebuild broken Britain, rebuild the Church in this time of crisis… But rarely are we told How to do it….. What this looks like? What it means in practice.

Nehemiah shows us HOW to rebuild in practice. His life and example give us the pieces of the jigsaw that we need to Re-Build in 2021.

  1. Know you are called.

In Nehemiah 1v4 we read that Nehemiah ‘wept over the city of Jerusalem’. He was stirred in his heart and knew the call of God to go and leave his job and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah faced lots of opposition in rebuilding the walls – how did he keep going? And not give up? He knew he had been called by God. Nehemiah approached the king and asked for huge resources and time off – how could he do this? He knew that he had been called by God. The call of God for Nehemiah was his foundation and anchor to not give up, press on and rebuild!

As Christians in 2021 we are all called to be salt and light, to love people and bring about the kingdom of God. For some of us there are specific callings on our lives that God has given us to be teachers, accountants, start a business, lead a Church… The call of God is what propels us to Rebuild, to be bold in what we ask for and not give up when times are tough and opposition comes. Know you are called to rebuild!