God loves me! 

How can you know that you are loved by God?  

We all have those moments of doubt especially when life gets tough and the Lord seems to be nowhere around. We’ve all been struggling with something in recent months because 2020 has presented us with events of uncertainty. Missed opportunities. Financial problems. Rough seasons. A strained relationship.  

“Where is God?” we may wonder. “Why doesn’t he come to our rescue? Does he really care for us?” 

Yes, he does! One thing you can be sureGod loves you and me. That’s his promise. The author sings and declares that the Lord’s love for us “stands firm forever” (Psalm 89: 2). God himself said so, too: “I have made a covenant with my chosen one … I will establish your line forever” (Psalm 89:3-4). 

In other words, God is saying, I promised to love you always and I am faithful”. He is also telling us, “you can count on me because you are my chosen one.” 

You are not left alone. You are a child of God. He’s got your best interest at heart. Whatever you’re going through, you can be empowered by God’s love. In times of trouble, the psalmist sang a prayer of praise to God’s faithfulnessWhen in affliction, Habakkuk rejoiced in God’s mercy: “I will be joyful in God my Saviour” (Habakkuk 3:18). In adversity, Job cried out that his hope was in the Lord who “sees my ways and counts my every step” (Job 31: 4). Not only does God see it all, but he also brings his people into the promised land. And his people include you and me!  

Jacob, Moses, David, Job, Habakkuk, Paul and many other saints are all witnesses to God’s enduring love and faithfulness. Isn’t this an encouraging assurance? So, when you find yourself in a situation where you start feeling overwhelmed, remember that you are God’s chosen one and he will build you up. Let’s emulate these godly people in praising and declaring God’s love and faithfulness to the world – young and old, home and abroad. 

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me. May we sing your enduring love forever! May we glorify your faithful nameIn Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Written by Victor Lin, who is a member of Hope Church Newham.