Christmas at Hope Church Newham

Christmas is the best outreach opportunity of the year!

As our culture becomes more and more secular and post-Christian there are less and less times when the holidays of the Church and the holidays of culture sync. Christmas is the one time each year mainstream culture pays attention to a Christian holiday! So let’s make the most of it and reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ!

With this in mind for the 4 Sunday’s in December Hope Church will be meeting 5:30pm at Stratford Circus in order to maximise the opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to a Christmas service. There will still be Hope Tots, Hope Kids, Hope Youth & refreshments after Church.

Did you know that research tells us 82% of people would come to Church if a trusted friend invited them?

Yet in a typical year only 2% of Christians invite a friend to Church! Christmas is YOUR opportunity to invite someone to Church.

I thank God for each of you, you are all wonderful gifts from God

Love & prayers,

Mark Waterfield

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